Preparing Your Child for Preschool


Hooray to your child’s first day of preschool! Preschool is where your child learns to extend and expand their array of necessary skills. However, there are instances when they are not feeling ready to take on preschool.

Thankfully, we know how to handle children regarding their jitters in preschool. As a learning center in Maryland, we at Gabina Learning Center are here to share ways to help your child prepare for preschool.

  • Be there on their first day.
    Children need their parents to accompany them in their classes. It helps them feel safe knowing that you are around.
  • Establish a routine.
    Children can be ready for preschool with the help of routines. Routines will guide them on what to do during the start and end of every class.
  • Practice at home.
    The practice may not make their readiness perfect, but it will help them learn valuable lessons in every scenario. You may have a practice session with your child on what preschool feels like. You may also seek assistance from a childcare center in this matter.
  • Listen to your children.
    Going to daycare, preschool, or an academy is nerve-wracking. Listen to your child’s concerns and worries about their first time in preschool. You can solve their concerns after listening to them.

You can help your child be school-ready with the help of our childcare in Bowie, Maryland. To learn more about our programs, get in touch with us.

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