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family pictureWhen it comes to the growth and development of a child, Early Childhood Education (ECE) is critical during their early learning years. ECE serves as the child’s foundation as they grow older and become school-ready. Hence, it is important to engage children in meaningful activities that will guide them throughout their development. At Gabina Learning Center, we do everything we can to provide young learners with the springboard they need to discover new heights in their learning experiences through our childcare in Bowie, Maryland.

About the Owner

I am Basria Dur, the director of Gabina Learning Center. I worked in childcare for over ten years as a teacher and as a director. I saw many children grow, learn, build self-esteem and confidence, and become little people with feelings, emotions, and opinions. I see each child as unique and special. I created a safe, loving, and stimulating environment where children can feel safe and loved.

Gabina Learning Center was established out of love for my own children. Gabina, my daughter’s name, means honey. She’s a bright and busy bee that has inspired this endeavor.

Early childhood development is my greatest interest and I love watching and guiding the development of all children.

I select my staff based on education, experience, and most importantly their “love for children.” As a mother of two, I know how hard it is to leave your little one. I want every child and parent to feel that Gabina Learning Center is like a second home.

We respect each child’s feelings and emotions, and we help them in the learning process to show respect for others.


We believe in first-class early childhood education. Our goal is to encourage creativity and independence in young children in a relaxed setting.

At Gabina Learning Center, your child’s day will be filled with activities that will help encourage them to blossom. Through age and developmentally appropriate activities, your child’s love of learning will be encouraged and their independence and self-esteem will grow. They will also learn to interact with others with the same respect and courtesy that is shown to them. In an environment filled with love, patience, and kindness, they will become the best version of themselves.

Our Promise

Protect, Educate, Nurture

The goal of our program is to provide your child with a safe and nurturing learning environment that will benefit you, your child and our community. We understand both the concerns of parents and the needs of young children. Both are the foundation of our program.

Commitment To Excellence

Our teachers posses and demonstrate an expectional level of commitment in the classroom each and every day to prepare your child for educational success, from infancy to school age-ensuring they are ready for kindergarten and beyond.


Our professional and dedicated team nurtures and educates infants, preschool and school-age children in a wide-range of child care programs. Our children develop positive social skills and values and learn about their world through age-appropriate play, projects and activities. We provide a stable, secure learning environment that fosters a solid foundation for life long success.


Our vision is to be the recognized leader in providing the best care for infants, preschool, and school age children. Known for our exceptional educational programs, talented teams and community relationships, we pride ourselves on our unique blends of fun and learning in a safe and nurturing environment.

Do You Have Questions?

If you have further inquiries or concerns, feel free to leave us a message through our contact form. Our staff will get in touch with you as soon as possible.