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  1. “We love Gabina Child Daycare. I was worried about dropping off my little 4 months old because she was so young, but seeing how she smiles when she sees Mrs. Basria has made me rest assured that she is being loved and well taken care of each day. I like how I get a daily written report each day of what she ate, when she slept, when she was changed, and how she was feeling. It tells me that my baby girl is getting a lot of attention. I also appreciated that when I voiced a concern that my little one wasn’t napping long enough, it was immediately addressed and now she takes long naps because of the changes that were made.”

  2. “Gabina Child Daycare has been one of the best decisions we made for our daughter. Ms. Dur is a very professional childcare provider. From her methods and organization to the cleanliness of the daycare, all of our expectations have been exceeded. More importantly, she is passionate about children and infuses the perfect balance of kindness, compassion, and gentle discipline and guidance into their day. Her character is apparent in the behavior of our daughter – she is always happy to see Ms. Dur in the morning and is always happily playing with the other children when we pick her up at the end of the day. Ms. Dur also provides a stimulating learning environment. Our daughter started with Gabina Child Daycare when she was nine months old, and within the first several months of attending the daycare, she progressed significantly. Her communication and motor skills have developed. She loves to dance, sing, and read. We could not be happier having her spend her days at Gabina Child Daycare.”

  3. “This daycare is amazing!!! My daughter loves it and she takes very good care of her. Being a first-time mom, I’m very pleased with the care I am receiving.”

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